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Thermographgy Example

As you are planning time to do the required preventive maintenance on all of your business critical systems, consideration should be given to doing a full Infrared Thermal Scan of all of your electrical equipment at the same time. Infrared Thermography is a predictive maintenance practice that can provide you valuable information concerning the condition of your electrical equipment and infrastructure. At Jantech Services, we offer Infrared Thermographic predictive maintenance services, as either a separate stand alone service, or it can be added to any one of our preventive maintenance programs. An infrared inspection of your electrical equipment is designed to identify potential equipment failures (due to overheating) before they can happen by allowing for detection of failing connections or components  before a fault can occur, averting fires and unexpected shutdowns.

Connections and components can overheat due to being loose, fatigue or can deteriorate due to corrosion. When this happens a higher than normal resistance to electrical current occurs, which in turn causes that connection point to get hot, even to the point of catching fire.

Infrared inspections take place when the covers are removed from the equipment being scanned, while the equipment is still running and under load. Jantech Services utilizes Infrared Camera equipment from Flir, a world renowned manufacturer of this equipment; to look at all connections within the electrical system, such as switchboards, panel boards, UPS, Battery Systems, Static Switches and PDU’s. We will do a temperature scan of these points (Thermal Image) looking for connections that are hotter than those around it. We provide you with a full analysis report which includes not only both thermal and normal photographs of your equipment but any recommendations for work that should be done, and don’t forget, because the Thermo scanning is being done by Jantech Services, we have the skill to provide any required remediation solution as well.

Contact your Regional Jantech Services Headquarters today to enquire about our Infrared Thermography Services today, either as a standalone service or to add it to Preventive Maintenance Contract.

For more information and examples visit: Infrared Thermography

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Are your site personnel trained as first-responders?  By having personnel familiar with the operation and alarms/indicators of your UPS, down time can be minimized and Jantech service personnel can be better prepared to service the system and restore normal operations. Give us a call to schedule training today.


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