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Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor

Surge Protection (TVSS)

Surge Protection (TVSS) devices are designed to reduce high energy occurrences caused by a variety of sources.

Surges on the main supply can come from a number of sources. The obvious route is via a lightning strike to the distribution system. In such a case, tens of thousands of amps may flow through the electrical system and cause damage to sensitive equipment. Lightning may also induce currents into signal cables entering the building. Once inside the building they can easily couple into mains cabling. The opposite is also true, surge current in the mains system can be coupled into the data cabling.

Heavy current load switching can cause large surges on the supply either through inductive effects or due to the transformers limited regulation. Large motors can also generate significant surges on the mains supply.

UPS systems, generators and transformers do provide protection to your sensitive loads but do not provide adequate surge protection. In fact, all of these products are also vulnerable to surges and surge related damage.

Jantech Services offers a wide array of surge protection devices.

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