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Battery Maintenance

Battery Maintenance BrochureBatteries are the heart of almost every emergency system and studies continue to show that the majority of failures in UPS systems are due to batteries. The costs associated with lost data or damaged critical load equipment can be staggering, especially when compared to the cost of preventive maintenance. The primary objective of a battery maintenance program is to ensure that the battery system is able to meet the emergency run time requirements for the critical system to which it is connected. Effective maintenance must be regular, comprehensive and consistent; including visual inspections, voltage, resistance, (impedance) current and temperature measurements as well as capacity testing (when appropriate) to identify any performance related problems.

Jantech offers a variety of Battery Maintenance Programs that can be tailored to your specific battery type(s) and specific needs. Appropriate load banking testing can provide predictive failure analysis of the batteries.
• IEEE 450 Maintenance and Testing
• IEEE 1188 Maintenance and Testing
• Battery Removal and Disposal to an EPA approved facility, with all tracking documentation
• Battery Load Bank Testing
• Replacement VRLA battery systems including Installation
• Replacement flooded lead acid battery systems including installation
• Battery Disconnects
Battery Monitoring Systems

Preventative programs* available may include:
• Visual Inspections
• Impedance testing
• Voltage recording
• Specific gravity: recording/check electrolyte levels (flooded lead acid batteries)
• Check for unintentional battery grounds
Load bank testing to verify proper operation of individual cells or blocks of cells
• Constant KW or predetermined sustained current load bank testing to determine battery system capacity

Benefits include:
• Reduced disruption of services by identifying and replacing failing batteries
• Reduced volume of emergency service calls
• Reduced risk of catastrophic system failure

Jantech Services, Inc. can tailor a Battery Maintenance Agreements to suit our customer's specific needs or requirements. Our standard service plans includes a minimum of the following:



Contact one of our experienced Sales Professionals for more details; 1-800-452-6832.


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