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Annual Maintenance Routine

The annual Maintenance Routine consists of the following:

1. Perform Midtronics internal conductance readings as well as interjar / inter-tier impedance readings on all batteries.
2. Rehabilitate up to 20% of all connections as required by above test and inspection. All connections requiring rehabilitation over the 20% limit will be billed on a time and material basis.
3. Verify proper torque of all bolted connections.
4. Clean and neutralize all cells and racks/cabinets.
5. Measure and record all individual jar and string float voltages and AC ripple current.
6. Individual cell inspection; seals, posts, jar integrity.
7. Record ambient temperature of battery room.
8. Record Date Code, Battery Post Type, interconnect cable size, hardware/connection type.
9. Verify integrity of the battery rack/cabinet.
10. General cleanliness of the battery and battery room.
11. Individually High Rate/Short Term load test all jars to verify integrity and recovery curve. (when required)
12. Furnish completed data sheets and report any problems found during the inspection.

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