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Quarterly Maintenance Routine

The Quarterly Maintenance Routine consists of the following: 

  1. Measure and record the specific gravity of every cell.
  2. Measure and record individual cell and string float voltages.
  3. Clean all cells and racks, provide corrosion control where required.
  4. Adjust electrolyte levels as required.
  5. Record temperature of electrolyte of representative pilot cells.
  6. Individual cell inspection; seals sediment levels, positive and negative plates, flame arrestors, electrolyte levels.
  7. Provide computer analysis and historical archiving of all battery data and furnish a Quarterly Maintenance Routine Report. 
  8. All distilled water to be supplied by customer or billed to customer.

Note: The intervals of service visits and intervals of load testing can be adjusted based on the following: 

  1. Battery type
  2. Age
  3. Customers personnel requirements
  4. Environmental Conditions


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