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Load Bank Testing

Load Bank Brochure

Load bank testing provides verification that your power system is capable of operation at its rated capacity as well as providing timely identification of any problems so that remedial action can be scheduled and taken. Jantech offers a variety of load bank testing services, for both AC and DC applications. We can perform resistive load testing on your DC Plant equipment, including rectifiers and batteries. In addition, we can perform AC load bank testing services on everything in your facility, including UPS systems, Generators, Switchgear, and Distribution equipment. Our load bank testing equipment ranges from the smallest handheld device, all the way up to trailer mounted Load Banks.

Jantech’s Load Bank Testing Service can provide predictive failure analysis of electrical systems from the service entrance to the critical load, including:
• Service Entrance and Distribution Transformers
• Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)
• Generators
UPS Systems
Flooded Battery Systems
Valve Regulated Battery Systems
Static Transfer Switches
Power Distribution Units
• Cabling
• Distribution (Power) Panels
• Power Factor Correction Devices

Load Banking Benefits
• Verify Proper Operation of Power Systems
• Determine Battery System Capacity
• Verify UPS runtime at Full load
• Certify new power system installations
• Burn in of power systems to verify reliability
• Reduce “wet stacking” of exhaust in diesel generators
• Identify and prioritize areas requiring preventive maintenance
• Avoid disruption of services by identifying failing components allowing for scheduled replacement
• Reduce emergency service calls
• Identify fire hazards
• Reduce risk of catastrophic

Jantech Services can provide AC resistive load bank testing for all power systems. Standard three phase load Bank sizes range from 50 KW up to 800 KW, and larger if required.

Battery capacity testing can be performed utilizing our Alber BCT Test Set. Discharge currents up to 1400ADC can be performed. A complete test report is provided indicating overall system performance as well as individual cell/battery discharge data.

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