Archive: Newsletter – Preventive Maintenance is a Critical Component

Archive: Newsletter – Preventive Maintenance is a Critical Component

For many businesses this is the time of year when budgets are being drawn up for the new fiscal year effective New Years Day. And in today’s economic climate many businesses are making infrastructure capital expense and operating expense decisions purely based upon material cost; without necessarily fully considering business risk.

Trying to get ‘one more year’ out of equipment is a business risk that may be understood, but trying to do it while at the same time cutting back on preventive maintenance should not be gamble taken. In fact due to increased business risk, preventive maintenance may well need to be increased.

Studies have shown that battery failures account for more than 20% of all UPS failures as well as emergency generators failing to start when needed leading to failure of critical business systems, especially IT gear. The loss of critical business systems, even in small companies can account for more than $10,000 an hour in lost revenue due to downtime, not including repair and restart.

If you try to save $10,000 in maintenance but lose multiple factors of $10,000 because your UPS battery failed, or your generator didn’t start because its fuel was dirty or because you had thermal issues in a panel and your critical loads failed…was it worth it?

When considering delaying replacement equipment purchases, help your business risk plan by ensuring that preventive maintenance becomes a priority. If during the preventive maintenance it is determined that there are parts that need replacing, especially batteries… don’t delay the replacement decision.

From the service entrance all the way to the load preventive maintenance is one of the most important ways there is help protect business applications from suffering unplanned interruptions. It is essential for your mission critical systems.

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