Battery Installation / Replacement

Jantech offers complete battery installations that include inside delivery, rack assembly, anchoring, rigging, loading onto racks or into cabinets, jar interconnections, and complete baseline data collection.

Jantech will also act as your representative should the need arise for any battery warranty claims with the battery manufacturer.

Battery Maintenance

The primary objective of a planned battery maintenance program is to ensure the current state of health of each battery string in your system. Effective battery maintenance must be ongoing, regular and comprehensive including thorough visual inspections, recording of jar voltage, internal resistance (impedance), interconnection resistance, string current, and ambient and jar temperature measurements. All battery data collected is archived and trended for predictive analysis.

Jantech offers many battery maintenance programs that can be tailored to your specific battery type and individual needs and meet IEEE 450 and 1188 standards for installation, maintenance and testing.



Battery Testing

The only true way to validate battery capacity is through load testing with data logging. Although ongoing maintenance is a necessity, no level of maintenance or monitoring can confirm actual battery capacity.

Jantech offers both AC and DC load bank testing with full data logging equipment to measure and record individual cell and jar performance from test start to low battery shutdown. This data enables us to confirm individual battery as well as complete string performance to verify in specification capacity.

Battery Disposal Services

Jantech Services always strives to be a “good steward” of our global environment. This is very important when it comes to battery disposal/recycling.

Our battery disposal/recycling services is specificity designed to assist our customers to remain in compliance with all environmental laws. All spent batteries are recycled in accordance with RCRA Part B permitted sites for your protection.

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