Archive: Jantech Services Featured in Energy & Infrastructure

Archive: Jantech Services Featured in Energy & Infrastructure

Full Power

By, Jamie Morgn

Jantech can be a one-stop provider for a company’s entire power protection system.

The East Coast-based Jan­tech Services Inc. may be in its 25th year of business but its founder and President Jay Nizborski feels the company has not yet exhausted its market.

The company provides, installs, main­tains and tests power protection eq­uipment that allows technology-re­li­ant companies to operate. It began in Flo­rida, and in the 1990s the company opened other off­ices in North Caro­lina and Mass­a­chusetts.

“As time went on we plugged people into Rhode Island, New Jersey and Vir­ginia,” Nizborski explains. “We’ve grown as our customer’s businesses have grown.”

For the last three to five years, Jan­tech Services has recruited field technicians beyond the East Coast to cater to nationwide clients in states like California, Washington and Texas, but Nizborski affirms that the eastern sea­board still has plenty to offer.

“We’ve always been primarily a re­gion­al company,” he says. “Our main focus is to stay in the eastern United States. I believe we are still scratching the surface here. There is a tremendous amount of growth potential in this region.”

No matter its location, Jantech Services’ goal is to be every client’s go-to provider for turnkey power protection solutions. Its client list is stocked with Fortune 500 companies, healthcare networks, pharmaceutical developers and financial institutions who come to Jantech looking for a quality one-stop solution.

When Nizborski founded Jantech, many uninterruptible power system (UPS) manufacturers were not servicing batteries for their system. “The UPS manufacturers didn’t want anything to do with batteries,” Nizborski says.

“Companies had to deal with mul­tiple vendors to get all the parts needed for one piece of equipment that was purchased from another vendor. There was a need for a company to provide a complete service to supply, install and maintain the entire system.”

Jantech became, and still is, the answer to that problem. Jantech will work directly with a client, an engineer or an electrical contractor to de­sign proper electrical schematics and match them with the right products. It will also provide logistics for onsite delivery, installation and testing. After that, Jantech is available to address any warranty or maintenance issues.

Perfect Fit
Jantech has multiple applications for each of its products, so it can find the best fit for each client. Jantech is a preferred service provider for several equipment manufacturers, including, but not limited to, Chloride Power Pro­tection, Mitsubishi Electric Power Pro­ducts Inc., Power Distribution Inc., Chloride Systems and Controlled Power Co. The manufacturers appreciate companies such as Jantech because it can concentrate on making products while Jantech deals with the customers. On the customer side, the fact that Jantech deals with multiple manufactures means clients are assured the best product for their needs.

“The real benefit to us and most important for the client is that because we are not affiliated to or tied to anyone, we can take a more independent approach,” Nizborski says.

With 12 company-owned east coast offices and 15 satellite offices, Jantech can be a one-stop solution for a company’s entire U.S. operation. “With the economy the way it is and the need for people to streamline, most customers are looking for a single point solution, and we have the ability to offer nationwide service,” Nizborski says.

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