Features and Benefits

Low-maintenance lead calcium alloy extends watering intervals
Electrical testing to 100% assure performance of every battery
Flame retardant covers are standard to enhance battery plant safety
20 year design life in float service at 77°F (25°C) ambient temperature
Available in low and high gravity versions to match your specific application needs
Designed for Float (Standard) or Cycling (Plus) applications

XTH / XTH Plus Series

Newest Multi-cell versions of XT family
Less rack space required – saves up to 20% rack length versus legacy models
Higher Power Density
All the benefits of the legacy XT Series batteries

XT / XT Plus Series

Proven Quality
High performance
Wide range of KW ratings


12-1023 Product Literature

RS 1476 Product Manual

MSDS 14-324

Lead Electrolyte Amounts

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