The TP-1 transformer is designed to optimize efficiency at specified load levels (efficiencies as high as 99% at 500 kVA).

  • 225 kVA – 1 mVA
  • Optimized for non-linear / computer loads; designed to minimize stray losses (component of magnetic losses that increases dramatically with non-linear profile of the load); result can be upwards of 1-3% higher efficiency vs. standard transformers
  • Results in less heat rejection; less cooling required and lower energy costs
  • Transformers are designed and built by PDI to customer specification
  • Medium voltage input models available
  • Factory acceptance tests performed on each transformer
  • Transformer options include
  • Low inrush
  • Specific impedance requirements
  • Central welded bus on the input and the output allows true front access and simplifies ongoing maintenance.
  • Ultra high efficiency data center grade transformer for energy cost savings
  • Reduces power distribution footprint by up to 50%
  • Available per circuit output monitoring option optimizes current utilization
  • Optional 100% rated circuit electronic trip breakers for precision control
  • PDU is customizable to meet specific requirements
  • UL Listed


  • Up to (14) CBs for (14) large subfeed circuits
  • Extra CB availability simplifies future expansion using RPPs
  • Available as a dual manual unit for AB bus designs

WaveStar®  Power Monitoring

  • Transformer Input and Output
  • All subfeeds monitored with PDI Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS)
  • WaveStar® Monitor displays power measurements and alarms




Powerhub PDU

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