Electrical Characteristics

  • Input 480VAC
  • Output 208/120VAC
  • 200% Neutral
  • Square D main input breaker
  • Single-Point Grounding
  • Listed to UL Standard 60950


  • 225A secondary main breakers rated 22kAIC
  • Square D NQOD panelboards
  • Up to (2) panelboards in the standard unit
  • Up to (8) panelboards with optional sidecars
  • Up to (12) subfeeds (not all options can be installed simultaneously)


  • Rigid split doors with 18″ swing
  • Advanced door catch ensures positive closure
  • Lexan viewing panel
  • (4) stabilizer feet and casters


  • K-20, TP-1 compliant, 150⁰C, Class R insulation transformer
  • (6) compensation taps
  • 225 kVA and 300 kVA PDUs are TP-1 compliant with 5x inrush

Power Monitoring

  • Transformer input and output (standard)
  • Branch Circuit Monitoring System for panelboards, main feeds to panelboards, and individual branch circuits.
  • Interface board for HVAC contacts and building alarms
  • WaveStar PDU monitoring
  • Remote Communications Interface Modbus RTU or SNMP

Other Features

  • Local EPO
  • Surface REPO pushbutton
  • Transient Suppression
  • Surge Suppression




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