Reliability: With extended battery runtime options, hot-swappable batteries, internal bypass and optional maintenance bypass, the 9PX maximizes the availability of your IT systems.
More power: The 9PX allows you to connect more devices by providing up to 28 percent more wattage compared to traditional UPSs.
Efficiency: The double-conversion online 9PX is the most efficient UPS in its class with up to a 93 percent efficiency rating in normal mode.
Increased battery life: Eaton offers ABM® technology that increases battery service life by up to 50 percent. ABM uses a three-stage charging technique and closely monitors battery health to provide advanced notice when batteries need replacement.
Intuitive LCD interface: Eaton’s intuitive LCD interface offers a graphical display that provides all critical UPS information in a single view. The user-friendly menu allows you to view information and control settings with the push of a button.


Eaton 5PX UPS Brochure

Eaton 5PX guide specification

Eaton 5PX UPS user manual

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