UPS System Replacement – When and Why A perspective from your service provider

UPS System Replacement – When and Why A perspective from your service provider

Although the industry has seen a tremendous number of UPS System design changes and improvements over the last 50 years, the single purpose of any UPS System has not changed. A UPS should provide clean regulated power to your critical loads regardless of what the quality of your utility power input is doing.

So when is the best time to replace your UPS System?

We believe there are three major drivers that determine when your UPS System is due for replacement.

Question #1 – Is my system reliable?

One outage is to many, more is a catastrophe. If your UPS system becomes unreliable with no remedy in sight, this is certainly reason for replacement. If your UPS System continues to be reliable, then ask yourself questions #2.

Question #2 – Is the cost to operate and maintain acceptable?

With some of the newest UPS designs yielding as high as 98% efficiency in double conversion operation, there could be a substantial energy savings over time by replacing older less efficient systems. Additionally, if your annual maintenance / repair costs are becoming exceeding high, this could also justify a system replacement. Besides routine preventative maintenance and periodic battery and capacitor replacements, you would expect your UPS system to be trouble free.

Question #3 – Are spare parts readily available for my system?

Almost all UPS manufacturers will support and provide parts availability for their product for approximately 7 years following the last date of model production. Once you move beyond that time frame, parts availability is hit or miss. Unless your organization has capitol funds without budgeting in advance, unavailable parts can create a bad situation which could lead to exposure of your critical operation to non-protected power.

With all this being said, if your answer to any of the three listed questions is a “no”, we would highly suggest you budget for a UPS System replacement.

If you can answer “yes” to all three questions, changing your UPS System out simply because it is old is not always the correct approach in our opinion. But then again it is your money.

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