Meeting the NFPA 101 and NFPA 111 standards, the “UltraLITE Model ELU” is considered “Life Safety Equipment”. It is also UL 924 listed as “Emergency Lighting Equipment”, providing the required 90 minutes of emergency backup power, and is 100% compatible with all lighting applications and life safety systems. The Model ELU provides uninterrupted, regulated, continuous sinewave output for use with “normally on” lighting fixtures and exit lamps, as well as standby output for use with “normally off” emergency lighting fixtures. It is also generator-compatible. The Model ELU’s voltage regulation and performance characteristics make it an advantageous choice over competing lighting inverters.

  • Input Operating Voltage Range: +12%, -30% typical, load-dependent, without battery usage; +12%, -15% at full load
  • Input Frequency: 60 Hz, +/- 2%
  • Input Current Harmonic Distortion: < 5% THD
  • Output Sine Wave Voltage: Typical 3% output THD with linear load
  • Output Regulation: Typically better than +/- 2%
  • Output Circuit Breaker Pole Spaces Available: 20 pole without trip indicator alarm / 10 pole with trip indicator alarm
  • Overload: Up to 125% for 30 cycles, 150% for 4 cycles when fed from the AC power source, or on battery (without use of static bypass)
  • LED Inrush Rating: Peak overload capability of 1400% (models up to 10kW) and 1100% (models 12.5kW – 14kW) to accommodate inrush current from LED fixtures – (without the use of static bypass)
  • Standard Unit Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C
  • C-UL listed to CSA C22.2 No. 141-10 Emergency Lighting Equipment at 20° C to 40° C
  • Inverter Efficiency: 90% typical
  • Audible Noise: < 50dB


UltraLITE ELU Brochure

UltraLITE ELU General Specification 1.5KW to 2.2KW

UltraLITE ELU General Specification 3KW to 3.5KW

UltraLITE ELU General Specification 4.2KW to 5KW

UltraLITE ELU General Specification 6KW to 10KW

UltraLITE ELU General Specification 12.5KW to 14KW

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